Enrique Madera, Baseball

Enrique Madera, Baseball

Shortstop Enrique (Alex) Madera, from Willemstad, Curacao, has been an excellent addition to the NCMC baseball squad.  During his recently completed freshman year, he hit .349 with 47 runs, 40 RBI’s, and 4 homeruns.  Known for his quickness, Madera also stole 18 bases for the Pirates.  As good as his offensive numbers were, he may have had an even bigger impact on the defensive side of things making many spectacular plays in addition to the routine one.

In his free time, Alex likes to take extra swings in the Derry Indoor Practice Facility, workout, and play dominoes with his friends.  “Sometimes just being alone watching movie or thinking about how to accomplish my goals is what I do,” added Alex.

Certainly among his goals would be the chance to play professional baseball someday.  “My favorite baseball players are Jose Altuve and Javier Baez.  Altuve is my favorite baseball player because he's a great role model and shows that no matter how tall you are, if you have the desire, you can succeed.”  Alex is only 5’10” himself but has already proved that he can play with anyone. 

Alex loves the opportunity to improve that NCMC baseball and the facilities provide.  “I love the Derry where I can go and hit anytime I want to make my swing better and better. Also, the academic assistance available at NCMC holds a special place for him.  “I love the ARC and the teachers because they are always willing to help.”  Alex was recently named to the Dean’s List for the spring semester and knows that how he performs in the classroom is equally important to the way he plays on the diamond if he is to reach the goals he has set for himself.

Madera had these quotes about the three man coaching staff for NCMC baseball.  “Coach Hillerman is the Boss who talks a lot but always believes in us (the team) and is always looking for a way to make the team better.  Coach Suttenfield loves baseball like nobody else and is the best when it comes to scouting other teams.  He rarely give speeches, but when he does they are high quality and have a very important message.  Coach Hudlow will make you run like never before.  He also always brings you up when you are feeling down.”